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Housekeeping tips: Cleaning a hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are major investments in the home that can enhance its aesthetic qualities. It is the job of the housekeeper to keep them clean and protected through regular maintenance. We offer the following tips to experienced housekeepers, who may need a refresher on the process:

Basic cleaning

Ideally, hardwood floors should at least be dusted once a day. Keeping dust and dirt off the floor will prevent scratching. You should use a dry mop or vacuum cleaner for large areas electrostatic cloths for a quick dusting.

Deep cleaning

Over time, dirt and oil that were not completely removed during dustings will build up on the floor. Every few months, you need to do a deep cleaning to remove them. You should use a product that is specifically designed to treat hardwood floors and follow the label's instructions. Only use the amount of water required by the product and do not leave standing water on the floor as it can damage the wood and cause it to buckle.

Buffing and waxing

To remove soap and cleaning residue, rub the floor gently with a soft cloth or towel. Cloth diapers work best for this job, as they're plush and absorbent. Waxing is only necessary every three to four months depending on the amount of foot traffic in the household. Use a liquid wax designed for floors.

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