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Housekeeping tips: Storing seasonal clothing

For many people, fall means going back to school and enjoying cooler weather, but for New York City housekeepers, this is also the time of the year to put away their employers' warm weather clothing. Storing seasonal clothing clears up closet space and keeps it organized. If you are new or unfamiliar to the process, we offer the following tips:


Before putting away anything, make sure that each article of clothing is clean. Follow the manufacturer's care instructions and dry clean, hand wash or machine wash as directed. Even if an item looks clean, you should err on the side of caution and wash it again. Body oils can attract moths and cause the clothing to develop an odor after being stored for significant amount of time. 

Repelling insects

If you live in an area where moths are prevalent, it is important that you protect clothes from this pest. To repel them, place sealed pouches full of cedar, lavender or moth balls into your storage containers. The fumes of these materials deter and kill moths, so it is not necessary or advised that you place any of these items directly on clothing. 


Garment racks and plastic storage bins are sturdy and can be easily moved to different areas within a residence. If your employer has a closet with high ceilings, you may be able to install a high shelf that can be used to store the clothing not in use. 

Finally, make sure that you label all of the storage containers used so that you or your employer can easily find items should they be needed. 

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