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How a hiring housekeeper (almost) fixed a marriage

In an honest and humorous blog for, blogger Sarah Fazeli credits her housekeeper for helping bring her marriage back to its carefree honeymoon stage. Fazeli was never one to enjoy cleaning and considered household tasks to be time-consuming. However, when she was first married, she strived to take on domestic duties to make her husband happy.

Fazeli realized that she was simply missing the cleaning gene. She'd try to make her bed and fold the laundry, but would come home from work to see her husband redoing these chores because he didn't like the sloppy way she performed household tasks. Fazeli wrote that she felt unappreciated and her husband felt like their house was a mess. That all changed when the couple decided to hire a professional housekeeper named Ana.

Ana helped remedy the couple's marriage by giving them more time to enjoy each other's company, rather than fight about mundane chores. In fact, Fazeli states that she initially credited Ana with saving her marriage and improving her quality of life.

"My husband and I didn't fight over dishes, laundry, or the state of the bed linens," Fazeli wrote in the blog. "He was happy because the place looked fantastic, I was happy that it looked perfect and I not only didn't have to do it, nor did I have to get an earful every time my cleaning efforts/ability was deemed it was less than stellar."

Although years later, the couple ended up splitting due to irreconcilable differences that extended far past the chores, their relationship with their housekeeper remains intact. Ana now visits Fazeli's house on Monday and her ex-husband's house on Thursday to make both spaces clean and tidy.

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