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How a job interview is like training for a sport

Just like lots of other activities, a domestic help job interview can require practice to be truly effective. CIO recently compared preparing for an interview like training for a major sporting event. In this case, it's not only enough to go in with knowledge, but to use some of the tactics that major athletes will use to stay in shape. Though talking to a recruiter may seem very far removed from athletic competition, in both cases, you're best when you come in alert and in good shape.

As with sports, proper "training" involves both mental and physical preparation. For the former, applicants can research the company, practice how they'll talk to interviewers, and work on developing a positive attitude. On the physical side, it's important to get rest, eat well and send strong signals through positive enforcement.

The same CIO article also mentioned "discipline," something athletes and candidates will both need to share for success. A Fast Company article voiced some similar ideas in a different setting. In this piece, discipline applies to calmness in the interview itself.

This source noted several examples of restless behavior which could hurt a person's performance in a job interview. These include fidgeting, playing with objects in the room, or relying too much on hand gestures. Since these things could make a person seem nervous, the antidote could be a sense of calm, to help you come across as collected rather than scatter. Much like an athlete, candidates can win when they channel their energy into positive ways.

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