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How a male personal assistant should dress for a job interview: Part One

The most important thing a man must do before heading to a job interview is to understand the type of environment he'll be working in. When he first interviews with a domestic staffing agency, he'll want to dress in formal wear. From there, the agency should let him know whether he should dress casually or formally for the family he'll be interviewing with.

In part one of our two-part series, we look at three ways a male personal assistant should dress for his interview with a staffing agency. In a future series, we'll cover how women personal assistants should dress.

1. Suit jacket

Purchasing a suit isn't as simple as walking into a men's formal wear department and grabbing the first thing off of the rack. The style must fit a man and the environment he'll be working in. According to Monster, a navy suit is great for a first interview while a deep gray is perfect for the second interview. The suit must fit him perfectly, so it's best to purchase it from a professional who can take proper measurements.

2. Pants

A man can't just worry about his jacket. Purchasing the proper pair of pants is just as important to help complete the ensemble. Ensure the pants aren't too loose and sloppy looking. Also, a nice touch might be to tailor the so they're a little shorter at the bottom of the leg.

3. Shoes

A man should buy a pair of shoes that match each of his suits. After all, it's going to be tough for him to match dark red shoes with a navy blue suit. Instead, try brown lace-ups, which work well. Also, he should think about the shoe's material, laces, soles and stitching. These all help the suit come together.

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