How a personal assistant can help you for Thanksgiving: Part Two

Thanksgiving is a hectic day, but it doesn't need to be! Take some stress off your shoulders by hiring a personal assistant. In the final installment of our two-part series, we look at a few more reasons why it's a great idea to hire a personal assistant this Thanksgiving.

1. Run errands

Did you forget to purchase some necessary spices for your Thanksgiving meal the other day? There's so much to do and so little time, which is why hiring a personal assistant to run errands for you makes sense.

A personal assistant will not only run errands for you, but also do all of your shopping. Ones that are able to cook may even help you prep the meal.

2. Watch the kids

At first you may think this job is more suitable for nannies, and while nannies are expert babysitters, personal assistants hired through Colonial Domestics also do a wonderful job watching kids. A personal assistant will come in handy when you're trying to get everything ready. They can drive kids to school, help them with their homework and even cook them dinner while you're trying to prep for the big meal.

3. Organize your home

With all the guests you plan on inviting, you'll need to make room for everyone. Why not have your personal assistant move some of the furniture to the garage or basement? He or she can also help decide which furniture to move and how best to maximize space.

If you're looking to hire a personal assistant, contact Colonial Domestic Agency today!

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