How a personal assistant can help you prepare for Thanksgiving

Are you struggling to prepare for your large Thanksgiving feast? Do you plan on hosting a lot of people this year? Maybe even the extended family?

You'll need help.

A personal assistant can help reduce your stress in a number of ways. We look at three of those ways here:

1. Planning

You have a number of tasks already on your plate, so leave the planning to your personal assistant. He or she can put together a to-do list, mail out invitations and contact family and friends directly if they have questions.

2. Flight and hotel accommodations

Is anything more stressful than trying to figure out what flight and hotel to book for your in-laws? That is, assuming, they aren't planning on staying with you.

This is where your personal assistant's planning skills come into play. He or she will look for great flights at convenient hours and hotels that will make your family's stay comfortable.

3. Keep work up and running

If you don't have a person assistant, you're going to be hard pressed not to want to check your work laptop on Thanksgiving. You'll inevitably receive emails that will need to be answered, so why not have your personal assistant do it for you?

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