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How can an on-site consultation help?


When potential employers reach out to Colonial Domestic Agency, they may be interested in finding a personal chef or a new nanny to help them gain back a few hours in their day. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a new member of your staff. Will he or she fit in with your existing staff? What roles does he or she need to fulfill? We recommend one of our staffing specialists complete an in-person, on-site consultation to assess your needs. Why? Read on to discover the additional benefits.

Develop a customized plan
Whether you’re hosting a large summer soiree or looking to fill a more permanent role in your household, your needs are specific to your property. An on-site consultant can better understand what you desire to find an ideal candidate. According to Gotham Gazette, an on-site consultation can help you avoid spending money on the wrong elements, while also making sure that you – and your staff – have everything you need for serving food or drinks.

Identify training needs
Since our consultants bring years of experience, they have the ability to assess the skills of existing domestic staff and may be able to highlight areas of improvement. Providing this training can ensure uniformity on the day of an event or can create a more efficient household for day-to-day tasks! In addition, consultants create reports that employers can refer back to in order to monitor improvements after working with Colonial Domestic Agency.

Reduce stress
Planning a large function – or simply trying to plan a relaxing vacation – can become stressful quickly. In addition to balancing a full-time job, you may have to take valuable time out of your day to screen qualified candidates for domestic positions such as personal chef, nanny, chauffeur or butler – and wouldn’t you rather be spending your time elsewhere? As TechCrunch noted, sometimes consumers know what services they want – such as the running of a household or management of a wine cellar – but they are unsure of the best domestic staff position that can address them.

After completing an initial consultation, our professionals remove the stress of finding the best domestic staff – letting you return to focusing on the things that really matter. To learn more, reach out to Colonial Domestic Agency today to schedule a consultation.

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