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How chefs can keep their composure during an interview: Part One

It's exciting to get a call from a company that wants to interview you. You feel great about yourself and want to make a perfect first impression. However, you haven't been offered the job just yet. You have to get through the interview.

In part one of our two-part series, we look at how chefs can feel less nervous during their interview with a staffing agency.

1. Be prepared

Before even stepping foot into an office, do your research. While you may not know a lot about the family you could be working for, you can still research the staffing firm you'll interview with. Know its history, the recruiters' background and their roles within the company, as well as their experience working with chefs. Knowledge is power. The more you know going into an interview, the less stressed you'll be.

2. Plan ahead

Don't get everything ready the night before your interview. That means print out your resume, cover letter, references and any other copy, such as a portfolio of recipes, at least a couple of days before, if possible. This will allow you to focus on practicing interview questions the day before. The last thing you want to do is be late for your interview because you printed out one resume instead of two.

3. Rehearse

First, jot down a bunch of interview questions you think might be asked and write out answers for them to practice by yourself. Next, ask if a family member or friend wouldn't mind conducting a mock interview with you. It's best they prepare their own interview questions to make the scenario appear as close to the real thing as possible.

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