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How moms can prevent stress

Although rewarding, being a mom is certainly a full-time job, which makes it difficult to balance motherhood with employment. From cooking dinners to picking your kids up at soccer practice, moms rarely ever have a moment to themselves. All this hustle and bustle can be quite stressful.

Recently, working mom Tara Campbell shared her tips to prevent stress with the Huffington Post. Take a look at some of her secrets to happiness:

  • Enlist the help of a housekeeper: "If a clean house makes everything in your world better, why wouldn't you take care of yourself and your family by hiring a housekeeper? You can take your children on an adventure to do something fun outdoors, teach them a new skill and come home to a tidy house," writes Campbell. "It will create space for you to enjoy your children."
  • Live in the moment: It's easy to get consumed by everything on your to-do list, but the only way to stay sane is to take everything a moment at a time. While you're at work, focus on the tasks you must complete. But, when your spending time with your kids, give them your full attention.
  • Schedule time for yourself: Your health and wellness is important to your entire family, so make sure you make time for yourself. Whether you have a weekly yoga class or get your nails done twice a month, it's important to give yourself a break every once in a while.

Hiring outside help can definitely ease your stress. If you're looking for a new housekeeper, nanny or personal chef, be sure to contact Colonial Domestic Agency!

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