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How new parents can enjoy their first winter together

New parents have a lot on their shoulders. While it's an exciting time, they're often tasked with providing for their newborn while also going about their daily lives. It's a hectic schedule and not one that leaves much room for vacations.

What if we told you there's a way new parents could be great parents and still vacation during the winter? It's healthy for couples to spend time together and take a quick breather from parenting.

Here are a few ways new parents can still have fun this winter:

1. Hire a nanny

If new parents love to ski, it's going to be tough with a newborn. Obviously babies can't tag along on the slopes, so they need to hire a babysitter. Nannies, especially ones from Colonial Domestic, are not just babysitters. They are professionals who have a range of skills that will ensure children have fun and are safe.

Depending on the parents' needs, nannies can accompany parents on their vacations or stay at home.

2. Hire a personal chef

Some parents may want to forgo feeding their children store-bought baby food and instead cook meals themselves. While this is a healthy alternative, it takes time to cook. Save time by hiring a personal chef.

3. Hire a personal assistant

Personal assistants aren't nannies, so they shouldn't be watching children all day. However,  they can be tasked with some light duties such as watching, feeding or entertaining children while the parents are out enjoying a winter hike.

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