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How to ask for recommendations online

One of the valuable resources of LinkedIn and other job sites is the ability to ask for recommendations from friends, prior employers and colleagues. However, asking for those recommendations can be tricky, as you want to make sure you're asking the right person who can write a well-worded, attractive recommendation for you. When it comes to optimizing your profile, a commendation for relevant skills will help you land a butler job, personal assistant or other domestic staffing position.

Ask someone who likes you – It may seem obvious, but the first step toward getting a good job recommendation is to make sure the person you ask liked working with you or appreciated your service. It is particularly helpful to stay in touch with previous employers and coworkers with whom you had a positive rapport for this very reason.

Ask in person – While sites like LinkedIn include an automated way to request recommendations, you'll have far greater results by personally contacting those you wish to get them from. Sending a letter, email or even making a phone call to ask for a recommendation. According to The Huffington Post, this will allow you to express what their recommendation would mean to you and not only increase the changes of getting one, but upping the overall quality of the commendation as well.

Ask someone who knows you – Another tip is to only ask people with whom you worked for or with for a long period of time. A temporary, 1-month position as a personal assistant most likely won't have stuck in the employers memory but a 2-year private chef job will likely be memorable.

Regardless of how you approach getting job and skill recommendations online, looking for a job can still be a challenge. Colonial Domestic Agency helps connect professionals with the employers that need them for strong, positive domestic staffing experiences.

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