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How to begin writing a resume as estate managers

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Let's say you know you have years of experience and are more than qualified for the position you're applying to. However, you're not sure how to portray your background on one sheet of paper.

The slight trepidation you feel actually isn't bad. If anything, it's perfectly normal and indicates how much you truly value your resume, experience and the job you're applying for.

Here are two ways you can overcome writer's block to create the perfect resume:

1. Be who you are

Don't treat every piece of resume advice like gold. For example, the problem with copy and pasting resume templates is they weren't written for you. Showcase your proven leadership skills by tackling resume writing head on. Create the document in your unique voice and tailor your experiences to the job you're applying to. Then when you arrive at the interview, your personality will match up with the type of resume you've put together.

2. Research

In most circumstances you'll be able to mold your resume around the detailed job description in front of you. Yet, in some cases you won't. If a recruiter calls, pitches you a job, and asks for an updated version of your resume, you should ensure you ask as many questions about the position as you can. That way, when you email him or her your resume, it specifically relates to the position.

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