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How to create boundaries in the workplace

When you hire a domestic service worker, you'll soon realize that boundaries in job duties may blur. For instance, if you're hiring a nanny to watch over your children, is it okay to ask her to cook and clean your house as well? Recently, Savanna Fox, a blogger for Nanny Mag, strived to clear up any confusion in a recent article on this subject. When you engage in a professional relationship with someone, no matter what business you are hiring for, it's important to set a clear-cut list of boundaries so that no one crosses any lines. Take a look at some of Fox's top tips for a happy and healthy workplace and home environment:

  • Explain duties beforehand: If you're hiring a domestic service worker, it's important to spell out the duties during the interview process. Some nannies are comfortable tutoring your children, cooking or making your home spotless, while other's aren't. If you're looking for a nanny with a specific skill set, ranging from a teaching degree to experience in the culinary arts, it's best to find this worker through a domestic agency. Agencies can set you up with a household employee who fits your description and requests.
  • Go with your gut: If you're questioning whether something will cross the line, it often will. For instance, there's a reason why you may feel embarrassed to ask your nanny to clean your toilets. First of all, it's not in her job description. The right thing to do would be to hire a housekeeper to perform these duties. However, if your nanny volunteers to complete this extra workload, this is fine only if you compensate her for her hard work and extra time.
  • Hire extra employees: If you feel like your dishes are piling up and your bathroom hasn't been cleaned in weeks, it may be time to hire a housekeeper as well as nanny. Each professional has their own set of skills and duties and it's not fair to place this burden on your child's caretaker if this isn't what they're hired for. "I recommend that working mothers and fathers hire a cleaning service. They aren't that expensive and will allow you time to relax after work. You will be able to play with your kids and enjoy your night without the worry of cleaning or scheming a way to 'respectfully' ask your nanny to do it," writes Fox.
  • Keep in mind the goal of your employee: When you hire a nanny, her goal is to watch over your children, ensuring that they are happy, healthy and safe. However, if you add an excessive list of duties and chores to her job description, you may distract her and take away from her initial goal. This isn't just disrespectful for your nanny, it can also put your children in danger.

For more tips be sure to follow our blog. If you're looking to hire a nanny, housekeeper or another domestic service employee make sure to contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We'll help match you and your family with a qualified candidate! 

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