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How to deal with picky eaters: Part One

As a nanny you have a lot to worry about. You'll have to help kids with school work, make sure they are safe while playing outside and clean the home. You may even be responsible for picking them up and dropping them off at practice.

While of these tasks all can be time consuming, nothing comes close to having to manage a picky eater. You could be an excellent cook, but what if the child you're caring for hates vegetables and the parents want them to eat healthier?

If this has become a problem, here are a few ways to solve it:

1. Let them cook with you

How many times have you been giving food and scoffed at it because of its appearance? Sure, it might taste great—looks aren't everything—but you're unwilling to give it a chance because it's not pleasing to the eyes.

The one thing that might convince you that it's actually a great meal is if you watched the cook make it. Let the children watch you cook. Or, let them cook with you. Doing so may incline them to try new things, such as vegetables.

2. Discuss eating healthy foods:

Help children appreciate what they're eating by discussing it with them. If you make a healthy meal, let them know what makes it a good source of nutrients for their bodies. Helping them understand what they're eating could begin a trend of healthy eating.

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