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How to deal with picky eaters: Part Two

It can be challenging managing a picky eater. Often parents want a nanny to cook certain types of meals for their children but the children don't want to eat them.

To overcome this, a nanny must get creative. They have to recognize the problem and understand how to handle it. It's also good practice to discuss the issue with the parents and collectively come up with a strategy to help a fussy eater.

Here are a two ideas a nanny can incorporate into their strategy:

1. Recognize the child's struggle

We're all picky eaters in some fashion. We tend to love certain foods but not others for a number of different reasons. Put yourself in the shoes of child and try to figure why they might be struggling with that lovely basil pesto sauce or cream of carrot soup.

By figuring out why the child doesn't like certain foods, you can help address the issue. We explained a couple of ways to do so in part one of our series {link to post}, including allowing them to cook with you and discussing healthy eating practices.

2.  Be patient

You can't expect a child to eat a new food and like it right away. According to Malcolm Gladwell, in his book "The Power of Thinking Without Thinking," we tend to make judgments about things we encounter based on prior experiences. The same can be said for food.

If we've heard only negative things about organic foods, we may be less inclined to try them. The opposite is true if we've heard great things about organic meals.

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