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How to get out of a job rut

Are you stuck in a rut at your current job? Not everyone is pleased or challenged at their nine-to-five, however it's important to feel accomplished at your place of work. Take a look at these helpful tips to help you enjoy your job more:

  • Challenge yourself: If you're feeling bored at your current job, you're probably not challenged as much as you could be. Try setting realistic goals throughout the day, month or week to help you live up to your full potential. 
  • Retain your passion: "Take the lessons you gain from work—the skills, the experience, the exposure to other talented people—and apply them to an outside project you're passionate about. This project should be fun, challenge you to grow and add yet another impressive element to your portfolio," writes Jeff Chenoweth of Brazen Life. "Lots of ideas that started as passion projects have taken on a life of their own." For instance, start a blog on the side that coincides with your current line of work. Or, you can even launch a non-profit organization. 
  • Search for new positions: If you're simply unhappy with your current job, it's time to search for new opportunities. Everyone deserves to be happy, however many individuals just don't feel like they're making a difference at their present occupation. A career in the domestic service field, such as a nanny or housekeeper, allows you to play an important role in the life of others. What is more fulfilling than helping promote a child's growth and development?

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