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How to have a truly relaxing family cruise vacation

Are you planning on sailing the seas soon? Going on a cruise is a great family-bonding experience and can be very relaxing as well. After all, from pools to spas and casinos, cruise ships have it all! However, it's difficult to truly unwind when you're watching over your children 24 hours of the day. Take a look at some ways to have a genuinely good time on your trip:

  • Bring along your nanny: "Believe it or not, hiring an in-cabin babysitter can create a major dent in your budget," writes a blogger for U.S. News & World Report Travel. "Though some family-focused cruise lines like Disney help curb costs by offering free youth-oriented programming during the day, others charge high rates for satisfying youngsters' at-sea needs. If you're traveling with your family, consider which cruise lines are best suited to your clan." Or, you can always invite your nanny along for your vacation to make traveling less stressful and can even save you money!
  • Head to the spa: When your nanny is watching over your little ones, head to the onboard spa for a truly relaxing experience. You and your husband can sign up for a couple's massage or you can unwind by yourself with a manicure or luxurious facial. The best part is that you'll have true peace of mind knowing that your kids are in good hands.

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