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How to help kids fight spring allergies

If you plan on having a professional watch your kids this spring, whether that be a nanny or personal assistant, you need to make sure they're protected from allergies. This season is gearing up to be much worse than the last one and for many different reasons.

Last year's prolonged winter pushed spring allergies well into the summer, basically condensing the season. This year the warm winter is causing spring allergies to pop up much earlier than normal.

"In general over the last 10 years or more, we've seen an earlier start to the spring allergy season by about two weeks," Dr. Clifford Basset, founder and medical director at Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, said to "Each year is different. You're mostly seeing a longer season spring through fall because of warmer temperatures."

Bassett went onto say that the current El Nino is wrecking havoc over much of the U.S. While allergy specialists and meteorologists certainly predicted a warmer winter, it's always hard to figure out just how early plants will bloom and how bad allergy season will be.

"In any year with an El Ni o phenomenon, we expect certain areas of the country, particularly in the South, to be plagued by lots of rainfall and precipitation," noted Bassett. "Each year it's different. If you look at the aero biology, you have a lot of different pollen areas. There's a lot of cities [in the South] that are hit hard each year during the spring allergy season."

Keep your kids safe and healthy this year by having them tested for allergies, if they show typical allergy symptoms. If recommended by a doctor, also ensure they regularly take allergy medicine and avoid going outside between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. when pollen counts are the highest.

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