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How to improve your household in 2017

How many times have you made a New Year's resolution only to find that by year's end, you failed to accomplish it? Don't feel bad because you're not alone. Plenty of people set goals but struggle to accomplish them.

Despite your past resolution struggles, you can still make up for them in 2017. Here are several goals you can (and should) stick with that will make your household a more enjoyable and productive place to work:

1. Hire an estate manager
Estate managers are adept at not only leading employees, they also know how to hold their fingers on the pulse of the workplace. This is especially important when trying to keep employees engaged in their work. These professionals can then provide you with updates on how employees are performing.

It's much easier for you to act as a consultant and allow an estate manager to handle day-to-day operating responsibilities.

2. Reward employees more often
Rewarding employees is critical to their engagement levels and success. A survey commissioned for the company O Great One!, according to David Novak writing for Harvard Business Review, found that 40 percent of employed Americans would put more effort into their work if their employers recognized them more often.

Employees who don't feel respected by their managers are more likely to leave their employer for another company, or in this case household.

In an article, Jennifer Robinson, senior editor of the Gallup Business Journal, presented an interesting story about an employee who turned down a pay raise or flexible work hours from her employer because of the company's working conditions.

"When I turned in my letter, [the manager] said he was surprised and wanted to know what it would take to make me stay," said the employee. "I said that the working conditions were not conducive to effective performance, because I couldn't say the truth — that he made us all miserable. So two days later, he comes back with a new offer. I could have more money or fewer hours, but nothing else was any different. It's still the same toxic atmosphere."

While this employee wasn't necessarily looking for a plaque for her hard work, the employer could have offered the greatest reward of all: a comprehensive plan to improve the work environment. This employer failed to recognize or at least appreciate the problem, and the employee left the company.

Businesses (and households) that don't recognize their employers are doomed to lose them. The end result is the employer having to spend more time finding a replacement. It's much more practical to focus on retaining employees than trying to constantly find new ones.

3. Hire the correct domestic workers
Do you find yourself asking your nanny to clean your home when you're away? Stop! While nannies may perform small traces of housework – cleaning up after they cook for your children – this is not one of their main job responsibilities. If you'd like your home scrubbed, it'd be more appropriate to hire a housekeeper to clean it.

This year, make sure you're placing the right people in the correct situations. Not only could this make them happier domestic workers, it could improve workplace efficiency and productivity and increase retention rates.

If you're not sure who to hire, here are some examples of domestic workers Colonial Domestic can present to you:

If you have children, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to give them the proper amount of attention, especially if you work full time outside of your home. Nannies will not only watch your children, they can help nurture them by maintaining a strong household structure and upholding your family's values. Nannies hired through Colonial Domestic are often well versed in multiple languages, first aid and childrearing techniques.

No one likes to come home to a dirty residence, and housekeepers make sure that doesn't happen. Some not only perform basic cleaning functions – vacuuming and mopping – but more labor intensive ones as well, such as waxing floors or cleaning windows. However, if you want someone to clean those windows more frequently, we suggest hiring the next person on our list.

If you regularly host events at your home, you know how important a first appearance is to guests. Houseman make sure everything from your outdoor windows to grill is cleaned and can make minor repairs to outdoor equipment.

Eat healthier this year by hiring a personal chef. Professional chefs hired through Colonial Domestic have years of culinary experience and have worked in a number of settings from restaurants to households. Chefs can match your food requirements to special plates created just for you and your family.

Personal Assistants
Could you have done a better job at organizing your work last year? Did you feel stressed as a result? Make sure this doesn't happen again by hiring a personal assistant. Personal assistants will help you stay organized, in turn reducing your anxiety levels.

4. Set goals for employees
You shouldn't be the only one setting goals! Help your employees set their own New Year's resolutions, and encourage them throughout the year to accomplish their objectives. This is the perfect time of year to help your domestic workers understand what they need to work on.

If you're not sure what kind of goals to set, first think about who you're talking to. Chefs will have different objectives than housekeepers, while personal assistants' goals will differ from nannies.

If you're interested in hiring domestic staffing professionals to complete domestic jobs around your home, talk to a domestic staffing agency. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency today! We'll introduce you to the perfect family that fits your background and helps you meet your goals.

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