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How to inspire your employees to love what they do

Do your employees look bored while they're working? Do they appear uninspired? If so, that's not good.

Employees who aren't motivated could negatively impact your domestic crew of workers. In turn, this could cause you more frustration as you go about your day.

To solve or avoid this problem, we recommend spending more time helping your employees feel inspired at work. Here are a few ways to do so:

1. Don't over pressure them
Don't pressure your employees, but also don't feel like you shouldn't encourage them to try hard (or harder). There's a major difference between the two concepts: The first instills fear in them, while the other provides them with positive encouragement and reinforcement.

However, you may be wondering how this approach will help you keep a sense of authority – after all, unless you've hired an estate manager, you're the boss. You can still require employees to complete their assigned tasks and not be overbearing in the process, especially if they're doing everything in their power to working efficiently and productively. The end result is a happier crew of domestic workers that will likely feel more inspired to go the extra mile.

2. Share your goals and visions
It's critical to always communicate your goals and visions with your employees. Goals may include:

  • Getting ready for an event or social gathering.
  • Preparing for a holiday feast.
  • Helping prepare for a home renovation.

Visions may include:

  • Developing your staff into a more cohesive unit.
  • Improving employee happiness.
  • Working together to develop a more productive workplace.

By sharing your goals and visions with your domestic workers, you can likely increase trust, happiness and productivity.

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