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How to keep kids occupied this April

Now that spring has finally sprung, it's time to have some fun! If the kids you nanny for constantly complain that they're bored, take a look at some of these tips to keep them occupied this April:

  • Cook: Chances are the kids you watch over love helping you out in the kitchen. With a little creativity you can make festive Easter-themed treats. For instance, some white frosting, marshmallows and chocolate chips can be used to decorate cupcakes like little bunnies! Or you can make deviled eggs in the shape of adorable baby chicks.
  • Dye eggs: Kids will love watching ordinary eggs turn bright and vibrant colors. Simply add some food coloring to boiling water and vinegar, or opt to dye eggs naturally. Did you know that you can make red dye by boiling beets? Just be sure that you and the kids are equipped with aprons to prevent this coloring from staining your clothes! 
  • Plant a garden: "With the soil warming up, April is the perfect time to hold a planting day," suggests a blogger for The Guardian. "Think about what you'd like to eat in summer. Herbs, lettuce, chard, carrots, beans and onions can all be planted now. If you're short of space, remember that strawberry plants do well in hanging baskets." The kids will love watching the garden grow throughout the spring and summer months.

For more nanny tips, be sure to follow our blog. As you can see, being a nanny is a fun and rewarding occupation. By registering with Colonial Domestic Agency you can forward your career and find a family who will truly appreciate your skill set! 

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