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How to prevent the flu as a nanny

If you're a nanny you know just how pesky the flu can be. This illness can spread like wildfire, especially if you're watching over more than one kid. If a little one has the flu, take a look at these tips that can help prevent both you and any siblings from catching it.

  • Teach healthy habits: "Our tiny patient can shower everyone around her with the respiratory droplets that carry flu ([…]which can travel a surprisingly long distance) every time she sneezes or coughs with her mouth open," writes Heidi of What to Expect. "To keep flu germs from spreading, remind her to sneeze and cough into a tissue — or if there isn't one close by, her elbow."
  • Pop in a movie: When a little one is sick she does not only feel miserable, but can also feel left out. Although it is important to isolate a sick child from her peers and siblings to prevent the spread of the illness, you're going to want to give the patient some extra TLC. Pop in her favorite movie to pass the time and make her feel less alone.
  • Spray down surfaces: Disinfect surfaces that can house germs. This means everything from doorknobs to toilet flushers and remote controls. Chances are the household you work for has disinfecting wipes and sprays. Also be sure that the patient doesn't share blankets, cups and utensils with her siblings.

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