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How to reduce stress during the holidays by hiring domestic workers

Do you have a million things on your mind right now? That's not shocking because the holidays are a notoriously stressful time of year.

A 2015 Healthline survey of 2,280 people revealed that 90 percent of people felt some level of stress during the holidays compared to 10 percent who didn't feel any. Chances are it's because they entertain guests. About 67 percent of those surveyed said they host family and prepare meals during the holidays. 

Reducing stress can help you enjoy this time of year more. And if you're not sure how, start by hiring domestic workers.

Domestic workers are hardworking, skilled individuals who can assist you in many ways. Let's discuss how four different domestic workers can make your holidays less stressful:

1. Personal assistants are versatile employees
You don't need to try to accomplish everything yourself! There's a lot to do during the holidays between buying gifts and getting ready for your event. Instead of trying to complete everything alone, hire a personal assistant.

There are many types of assistants, but the ones we'll introduce you to are all experienced and superb multitaskers. That means one thing: You can trust they'll complete assigned tasks on time, which is important during one of the busiest times of year. If you need someone to pick up gifts at the store or order them online, these professionals can do so. If you need the same assistants to put together a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, they'll create on that will wow your audience. 

2. Nannies are great at multitasking
Nannies can handle everything from taking your kids to school and helping them with their homework to assisting you with your event. And while it's nice to spend time with your children during the holidays, sometimes you need time alone so you can focus on getting your home ready. Nannies can watch over your children as you cook food, wrap presents and decorate. You'll find your anxiety levels suddenly plummet!

3. Housekeepers will keep your home spotless
While personal assistants and nannies can lightly clean, that's not their main responsibility. For this, we suggest hiring a housekeeper who can make your home look like new again.

Housekeepers are adept at efficiently removing grime and dirt from your home, doing the dishes and making beds. If you want to truly impress your guests, hire a housekeeper.

4. Chauffeurs can pick up family members
If you have family members flying in from out of state, you'll need to pick them up at the airport. But you'll be hard pressed to find time between cooking and getting your home ready. We recommend hiring a chauffeur who can transport guests to and from multiple locations throughout the day or weekend.'

If you're interested in hiring domestic staffing professionals to complete domestic jobs around your home, talk to a domestic staffing agency. Contact Colonial Domestic Agency today! We'll introduce you to the perfect family that fits your background and helps you meet your goals.

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