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How to resolve common problems between domestic workers

Are two or more of your domestic workers in a dispute? You can't sit back and hope the situation resolves itself. Chances are, it'll only get worse. Here we'll discuss three ways to resolve common problems between employees.

1. Understand each side
Disputes happen all the time amongst employees, even in homes with domestic workers. They're often perfectly common and healthy situations that spawn creativity, but sometimes arguments can cause relationships and work environments to crumble.

If you're experiencing this between one or more employees, it's critical that you take both aside and meet with them. You need to understand their situations, what's making them tic and how the problem escalated.

When you're talking with these employees it's crucial that you:

  • Don't interject your own opinion. You're here to learn, not judge. 
  • Keep conversations with other employees private. Saying something like "Well, the other person said," is not appropriate. This can immediately deter the employee you're currently talking to from revealing more information. It's important to build and maintain trust.

2. Be the mediator
Once you've gathered the facts, it's now time to decide how to best approach the situation. We suggest bringing both employees together in a neutral setting to settle their differences.

Your role is to be the mediator. You want to direct the conversation for both parties and steer it towards resolution.

Before the discussion, set some ground rules such as prohibiting insults. Remember, the goal is to find common ground, if you can.

If you can't find common ground, it may be best to separate both employees from working together. This could be tough in a domestic setting, but remember, the end goal is to improve your staff's chemistry and ensure they're able to efficiently work.

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