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How to staff your household this spring

Don't let spring cleaning intimidate you! Hire these professionals to help you out:

1. Hire a housekeeper
Does your home still have holiday decorations in it? Are there traces of wrapping paper or New Year's confetti littered between the cracks of the couch and under the rug? When you host friends and family this spring and summer, you want your home to look presentable. A housekeeper will tidy it right up.

2. Hire a nanny
Kids are often busy during the spring with school and sports, and parents are beginning to gear up for a summer getaway, whether they are spent together or with the whole family. Nannies can drive kids to school and extracurricular activities, as well as watch them while their parents are relaxing on vacation. Some parents even opt to invite the nanny along, that way the entire family can spend time together, but the parents have the option of spending a couple of evenings alone.

3. Hire a houseman
Get ready for those summer BBQs by cleaning up your property. Unlike most areas of the country that are cleaning up from the snow and winter, yard may be much simpler to deal with. However, there's still a chance you may have neglected it around the holiday season, and right now it could be littered with leaves and sticks. A houseman can do some minor yard work and gardening.

Along with helping out around the yard, the houseman can also help you with minor repairs. So, if your grill is broken or you need to fix an outdoor light fixture, he'll be able to help repair this well before guests arrive.

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