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How to unify your team of domestic workers

Does your domestic staff work well together? If it doesn't, that's a problem! A unified team can make things easier for you because they're more likely to be more productive, according to a University of Warwick in England study. That means you'll spend less time managing staff and more time having fun with friends and family.

Here are three ways to help bring your team of domestic workers together: 

1. Be more transparent
In the corporate world, managers might improve communications by being more transparent. This could be done by starting a blog, newsletter or intranet, suggested Inc.

But are these ideas really appropriate for a household? Two of them actually are.

While an intranet may be a bit much, a blog and newsletter could help unify a large staff of domestic workers. Your estate manager could write short blog posts each month that are fun to read. Titles could include, "Unique ways to clean a kitchen" or "The employee who exhibited great leadership this month." Blogs can not only educate employees, they can increase happiness in the form of praise and rewards, which we'll discuss more in our next segment.

2. Reward employees
Fun, "employee of the month" blogs are a great start to rewarding employees, but you should do more. Hosting small reward ceremonies once a year is a unique way to show them that you value their work. We do, however, suggest honoring them a little more often. 

By rewarding your employees, you could see an uptick in happiness and ultimately productivity.

3. Meet regularly
Meeting with your employees regularly, whether that's in one-on-one or group settings, can help identify and solve potential problems. It's also an excellent way to praise employees for their hard work.

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