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Improve your children’s grades by hiring a nanny

Are your children struggling in school? Each year, countless kids fall behind in their academics and have a difficult time catching up. A study by the ACT Inc., the national testing group, found that once kids stumble early, they rarely catch up. That's scary news for parents who want to ensure their children are receiving the best education possible.

The study sampled a number of students between eighth and 12th grade, and a separate group in fourth grade, and measured their overall readiness to start a career or attend college by the time they graduated high school.

Researchers found that a mere 10 percent of eighth graders who were behind in being ready for college or to start a career were able to meet those requirements by the time they graduated high school. The marks for math and science for the same set of kids were much lower. Only 1 out of 10 fourth grade students, who were "far off track," were able to meet the on-track benchmarks for eighth grade.

To help your children, we suggest hiring a nanny. Nannies cannot only help you in many areas of your home, they can also act as important mentors for your children. Unlike tutors, nannies are typically at your home more often, and therefore they have more time to develop deeper relationships with your kids. In turn, your children may be more likely to become motivated by learning from a nanny than by a tutor.

Here are several other ways a nanny can help your children in school:

1. A nanny may know your children better than teachers
A nanny will know your children​'s likes and dislikes, and therefore how to teach them properly. Teachers often have the difficult task of trying to educate dozens at once, which means it can be hard for them to meet every students' unique needs. A nanny, on the other hand, can cater to your children's specific requests.

2. Nannies can meet with teachers
If you find yourself too busy at work to have consistent one-on-one conversations with teachers, a nanny can meet with them instead. Together they can discuss ways to help your children stay on track, and then your nanny can report back to you.

3. Nannies can challenge your children
Often, teachers have to stick to strict academic schedules that don't allow them the freedom to cater to each student's strengths and weaknesses. This means some kids, who find the assignments easy are left unchallenged. A nanny, however, has the ability to challenge your children every step of the way, leading to more opportunities to get ahead in class or move onto more advanced courses.

4. Nannies can create an academic plan for your children
If your children are struggling in school, you need to help them immediately. As the study by ACT Inc. showed, once kids fall behind in school they struggle to recover. However, what if a professional helped these kids create a plan for success? This strategy would help steer them in the correct direction again.

You may find that it's difficult for you to do this because you're busy at work. A teacher may also have trouble creating this plan because he or she has an entire class to teach. However, a nanny has plenty of time to develop an approach that will help your children.

5. Nannies can help your kids develop socially
If one of your children is shy, one of the toughest situations he or she may experience is public speaking, whether that's in a small group or in front of a large class. A nanny can help your child develop social skills by just simply talking with him or her regularly.

By introducing your child to new social situations, such as taking part in extracurricular activities, your child could become more comfortable talking with classmates and speaking in front of their peers. In turn, your child's grades may increase because he or she can present class projects with ease.

6. Nannies can help your children become more creative
A a nanny can help your child if he or she is struggling in fine arts by encouraging him or her to think outside of the box. There are many ways to do so. For example, if your child is tasked with writing a paper, try writing the paper by creating an outline or starting in the middle of the paper and working backward.

Nannies are important domestic workers who can help your family and children in many ways. These are just several. Can you think of anymore?

If you'd like to hire a nanny, work with a domestic staffing agency such as Colonial Domestic Agency.

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