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In favor of background checking your nanny

Are you looking for a new nanny? Recently, has debuted a background check study about U.K. residents, presenting interesting findings on verifying the legitimacy of childcare providers. The research proved that nearly half of parents in the United Kingdom would want to background check their nanny or babysitter.

According to the union of childcare professionals, over 100,000 nannies in the United Kingdom are not registered on the voluntary childcare register. Many nannies do not see the benefits of registering themselves, since this process is expensive. Some nannies in the study even admitted that when applying directly to a household, they often faked references.This illegitimacy can lead to problems down the road and ultimately create an untrustworthy situation within your home. 

"Parents tell us they experience great anxiety when trying to select a trustworthy nanny for their children. The current economic climate also means parents are more concerned than ever to get the highest standard of nannying from their investment," Jill Rutter, employee of the Family and Childcare Trust, said in a press release. 

Why take chances when dealing with child care? If you find a nanny on an illegitimate website, you don't always know that he or she has a blemish-free background. As a parent, you want your child to be in the best hands while you are away or are at work. At Colonial Domestic Agency, we'll help you locate honest, trustworthy and reliable New York City nannies, and perform background checks on all candidates. We ensure that all of our applicants meet each and every one of your standards within the home sector. 

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