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In favor of hiring a nanny

As a parent you want the best for your children, which is why it's essential to find great childcare. Check out some of the benefits of hiring a nanny

  • Convenience: Many parents don't work regular hours, which makes dropping their children off at a daycare a real hassle. Hiring a nanny to watch over your kids fits in with an irregular schedule.
  • Full attention: It's simply impossible for a daycare to cater to each child fully since there are so many little ones at the facility. "Having worked in infant classrooms, I would say that for infants it would be much better to hire a nanny," nanny Joy Schreiber, who previously worked in a childcare center, tells Nanny Mag. "There is no possible way for an infant in daycare to get the one-on-one attention that they need. Some days all you can do is meet basic needs of feeding, diapers, and naps. By the time you get done with one round, it's time to start the next."
  • Routine and consistency: When you hire a nanny, you know that the professional you trust to take care of your child is dependable and reliable. Like all relationships, chemistry is an essential part of being a nanny. It's difficult for children to form lasting bonds at a daycare center when their caretakers can change every day. By hiring a nanny you can ensure that not only will this individual mesh well with your children, but she'll also follow a similar parenting style as you.

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