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In favor of hiring a personal chef

In a recent article for the Global Times, business woman Lisa Li shared her love for home cooking. However, she doesn't actually cook her own meals. Instead, Li hires personal chefs to cater in the convenience of her own living quarters.

"Once you try home catering, it's hard to dine any other way. It offers a unique experience […],"  Li, a senior executive at a European home appliance manufacturer, told the source. "You're surrounded by four walls in a private room [at a restaurant]. It's hard to relax or be comfortable in such a confined space, but at home you're the master of your own domain. You can sit on the sofa, at the dinner table, or even cross-legged on the carpet." 

Within the article, Li mentions that she couldn't wait to come home from a business trip to enjoy the comforts of her own house, and the tasty meals that come with it. Li often hires personal chefs to cook for her intimate dinner parties. Not only is this convenient, it also allows her to cater to each of her guest's dietary needs. Furthermore, in this day and age, going out to eat can be both an expensive and noisy experience. By hosting parties at her home, Li gets to truly interact with her guests. 

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