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Is a chef the only kitchen staff you need?

Hiring a personal chef can make a major difference in your diet and nutritional habits, but for a larger estate, is hiring a single chef going to cover all of your needs? For some, it may be necessary to bring on additional kitchen staff to smooth out meal preparation and related processes.

Everything from kitchen organization to the clean up after a meal can be optimized by bringing in additional domestic staff to assist a private chef. This frees up the chef to focus on creating excellent and healthy menus for you while keeping the kitchen running at peak efficiency. Below are some of the staff that can help enhance the kitchen experience at your estate:

Housekeepers – Bringing in a housekeeper who's sole duty is cleaning the kitchen, shopping for food and keeping these areas neat and organized can enhance your kitchen immensely. It is important to hire someone who gets along with your personal cook in order to eliminate confusion or arguments over shopping lists, and also bring on someone who meets your standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

Servers – If you have frequent dinner guests or a large family to feed at every meal, hiring additional staff who can act as servers can also be beneficial. These professionals can act in different roles as well by cleaning dishes, helping with food preparation and serving beverages as well.

Estate manager While not strictly kitchen staff, bringing on an estate manager can be extremely beneficial for the kitchen in general. An estate manager can handle hiring other staff, ensure that all kitchen needs are met appropriately and organize kitchen-related duties with the chef to ensure your meal-time needs are always met.

Colonial Domestic Agency can help you ensure your domestic staffing needs are met in any area, from the kitchen to driving.

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