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It’s important to keep your domestic team inspired

Domestic work can be difficult, but that doesn't mean jobs have to be boring. It's critical that you keep your team inspired, motivated and happy. Doing so will likely increase employee productivity and reduce your stress as you go about your busy day.

If you're not sure how to keep your team inspired, here are two tips.

1. Improve collaboration
There are four different types of human relationships, according to Alan Page Fiske of the University of Pennsylvania, who penned a scholarly paper called, "The Four Elementary Forms of Sociality: Framework for a Unified Theory of Social Relations."

Art Markman, writing for Harvard Business Review, broke down Fiske's complex model down even further into three easy-to-understand workplace pillars: neighbors, family and strangers.

According to Fiske's model, employees should try to develop neighbors. This is because, unlike family and strangers, neighbors go out of their way to help each other. Family tends to assist one another, but they don't expect anything in return. And strangers are unlikely to help each other as much as the other two pillars, if at all.

A home (workplace) that develops neighbors is likely to improve employee collaboration and teamwork. In turn, this can (and should) increase happiness and motivation.

2. Host events
A great way to inspire your domestic staff to work hard is to host employee-only events. These events can either be simple social gatherings, such as barbecues, or more elaborate award ceremonies.

Whatever event you host, its focus should be on your employees. By rewarding them for their great work, you can increase the chance they stay inspired and continue to produce at a high level.

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