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Job searching tips for the New Year

The New Year means a fresh start and a chance to make your career goals come true. Whether you're searching for a new career in the domestic service field, or simply want to polish your skills, check out some helpful advice below.

  • Create business cards: Whether you're a personal chef or a housekeeper, creating business cards with your title can help you land a job. Next time you're at a party or event, hand out your cards to prospective clients.
  • Make a mature email address: An email address that is too cutesy doesn't exactly exude maturity. Be sure to create a professional email address, preferably one that has your first and last name, so you can correspond with recruiters and potential employers in a mature manner.
  • Network: If you feel stuck in a rut at your current position, don't settle. Instead, use networking to help you find a better job. In today's day and age, networking can take many forms—ranging from online to in-person. Try signing up with a domestic agency or professional network association to help expand your professional connections.
  • Update your resume: "That means on paper, on-line, and plain text (for inclusion in attachments). It means one-page and concise, spell-checked, and reviewed by someone who can give you great feedback on the content and the layout," writes Liz Ryan on "These days, cool colors, marbled textures and funky typefaces are out. Clean, crisp and confident is the watchword."

If you want to make 2014 your year, register with Colonial Domestic Agency. We can turn your career aspirations into a reality!

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