Personal/Household Assistant needed for a high-profile family in Beverly Hills, CA! (Starting Salary: $ 150K-175K/annually [DOE] + full benefits)!

The detail-oriented, aesthetically minded, self-directed, hands-on, obsessively organized professional will play a vital role in supporting the principal, anticipating the principal’s needs, and managing household operations and staff. The core competencies of this role are household organization and acting as the principal’s primary point of contact for all personal and professional matters. This team member must be a great communicator who can seamlessly relay essential details. The ideal candidate will be able to manage multiple projects and communicate effectively, while prioritizing tasks and exercising sound judgment. The Personal and Household Assistant must be comfortable with a varied schedule, occasional weekends and evenings if needed. The ideal candidate will be kind, creative, personable, and willing
to go above and beyond to get the job done. The role requires a commitment to supporting “6 Star” service by ensuring uncompromising consistency and organization.

Key Management Responsibilities (with the flexibility necessary for a dynamic environment):

  • Executive Support: Anticipate the needs of the principal and coordinate with support staff to ensure smooth handling of personal requests.
  • Reminders and Appointments: Communicate and proactively manage appointments with Principal’s Scheduling Assistant in a thorough and timely manner; Ensure the Principal is on time for all appointments, including daily/weekend reminders as required. Backup support for Principals Scheduling Assistant at certain times.
  • Office and Personal Documents Management: Upkeep of all Principals’ work and personal areas. This includes assisting with organizing documents and folders on desk and surface areas, filing away important documents, creating binders and folders for storage and quick access, scanning and digitizing hard copies of business cards, reports, and other documents as needed, and disposing of documents appropriately to maintain clean and organized spaces.
  • Personal Devices: Maintenance of all electronic devices (computers, tablets, and cell phones always charged)
  • Baggage Management: Oversee and manage the movement of all principals’ and Families’ luggage across properties and during travel. This includes the upkeep and management of the baggage log.
  • Wardrobe Management: Assist with purchasing, organizing, and maintaining the closets and wardrobes for the principal.
  • Gift Management: Coordinate and manage all personal gifting needs and ensure an up-to-date log for the principal’s gifting (both sent and received).
  • Event Planning: Plan, budget, and execute first-class events, including food preparation (or catering for large events), valet, entertainment, staff, rentals, etc.
  • Staff Management: Actively train and manage all household staff, based on the daily needs of the house and based on the house and Principal schedule to maintain a clean and well-kept home. This includes meeting with housekeepers daily to provide guidance on the needs and specifics of the day and actively overseeing all areas are cleaned to the standards required.
  • Household Organization: Manage and coordinate the detailed organization of all areas throughout the properties, including cabinets, drawers, closets, crawlspaces, and basements, with efficiency and ease of use in mind. This includes space maps and labeling as well as maintenance of the areas.
  • House Calendars: Manage the Household Calendar through Outlook, which includes all Guest and Principal travel, daily vendors, and recurring maintenance schedules. This includes creating the daily house agendas.
  • House Manuals: Assist with formatting and updating House Manuals at each property, as
    needed by January of each year to ensure consistency in formatting is maintained across all properties.
  • Household Inventory: Oversee the maintenance of household inventories, labeling of household items, furniture, equipment, event supplies, etc., and lead the updating of annual Inventories performed at each property to ensure consistency across properties.
  • Pet Care Documents: Assist and ensure all pet-related documents, including weekly schedules, daily report cards, vet visits, medications, etc., are properly filed and maintained by House Staff.
  • Household Purchasing: Assist in purchasing house-related items to streamline ordering for efficiency and consistency across properties. This includes maintaining supplies logs and preferred supplies and amenities. Keep accurate records and receipts of household expenses; Identify cost-saving opportunities
  • One Drive Intranet Maintenance: Maintain and ensure consistency of the folders across properties and be the main point of contact for adding/removing folders within One Drive.
  • Excellent judgment
  • Strong character, ethics, and integrity
  • Supervisory and negotiating skills
  • Demonstrable organizational skills
  • Service orientation at the highest level of attentiveness. No job too menial to handle (e.g. always ensure that the Principal is avoiding jobs that can be accomplished by others)
  • Polished and professional image
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Ability to use discretion and unwavering commitment to privacy and confidentiality
  • Action Orientation
  • Tenacity
  • Initiative
  • Unyielding willingness to be helpful
  • Razor-sharp eye for detail
  • Organizational, management, and communication skills
  • Strong personnel management and development skills
  • Ability to problem solve with a can-do attitude and little guidance
  • Strong social skills
  • Bi-lingual a plus
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • Mechanically and technology adept
  • 5+ years’ experience in management of office and family affairs at the highest level
  • Must have strong technology skills (internet/email/Microsoft Word/Microsoft Excel/Microsoft Outlook/Mac
    or PC, use of new forms of technology to make household operations more efficient)
  • Experience and interest in the fine arts, service, philanthropy and/or architecture; Strong sense of aesthetics
  • The schedule must be uncompromisingly flexible
  • Must be willing to travel to other properties as needed.

Email your resume to [email protected]

Job Category: household assistant Personal Assistant
Job Type: Full Time Live-Out
Job Location: Beverly Hills California
Sorry! This job has expired.