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Justin Bieber hired new personal chef

Pop sensation turned bad-boy Justin Bieber may have a hunger for more than trouble. He recently hired executive chef and restaurateur Ford Fry – the creative force behind hotspots including St. Cecilia, King Duke, the Optimist, No. 246 and JCT Kitchen – to be a part of his entourage. 

The pop star first approached Fry after tasting delectable squid ink spaghetti (without the squid ink) at Atlanta restaurant Decatur's No. 246. Bieber recently moved to Georgia from Los Angeles and was on the search for a new personal chef.

Even though Fry was hesitant to cook for the singer at first, he couldn't be happier with his current role.

"I love music, and Bieber gets it," Fry told Atlanta Magazine. "The first time I cooked for him and his friends, it turned into a jam session."

What's on the menu, you ask? Fry tells the new source that his meals will channel "adolescents sentiments" with a unique spin. Some examples include dark chocolate cotton candy made with Peruvian cocoa powder and deep-dish pimento cheese pizza. 

Fry admits that he has now turned into a "Belieber," a nickname given to Justin Bieber's fan base. In fact, the personal chef – who also plays the guitar as part of Five Bone Back band – will even get the chance to open up for the superstar at his next Atlanta concert. The duo will reportedly release a special set on opening day at Superica, Fry's newest Mex-Tex restaurant.

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