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Kate Middleton and Prince William to hire new nanny

If you're currently looking for a new nanny to watch over your little ones, then you have something in common with the royal family. According to the Daily Mail, Kate Middleton and Prince William are searching for a new nanny to replace Prince George's current caretaker, Jessie Webb. Webb, who took care of Prince William when he was a child, came back from retirement to watch over young Prince George. However, Webb only agreed to a three-month contract with the royal family, since her age makes it more difficult to travel.

Prince William and Princess Kate will travel to New Zealand and Australia in the spring. The power couple hopes to find a new staff member before their busy trip.

"The Duke and Duchess will have a punishing schedule, criss-crossing the two countries in less than a month," the Daily Mail reported. An inside source told the newspaper, "They need round-the-clock help for George if he joins them. Kate might also want to think about taking a dresser or a lady's maid. It sounds grand, but it's actually very practical."

Although it was rumored that Carole Middleton, Prince George's grandmother, would look after her grandson during the trip, it seems as though Kate would like to hire professional help instead. Even though Carole is a very active grandmother, according to the Daily Mail, Kate is still seeking an experienced nanny. 

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