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Kate Middleton spotted with Prince William’s former nanny

We recently reported that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were actively seeking a nanny for their son, George. It now looks like the royal couple has hired a caregiver, as the former nanny of Prince William, Jessie Webb, was recently seen assisting the duchess with her infant. People Magazine reports that Webb is currently staying at William and Kate's residence in North Wales and will join the young family when they head to Scotland to visit Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in a few days. Additionally, she is expected to continue her work when the couple and their son return to London at the end of the month. 

Webb is a well-respected nanny, and in addition to caring for Prince William, she recently watched over his younger cousin, Viscount Linley. According to royal watcher Ingrid Seward, the couple wanted a nanny who was already deeply familiar with the workings of the British Royal Family. 

"She'll be like a safe pair of hands," Seward told People. "She knows the ropes and knows what happens. That's preferred rather than someone new to it all, someone who'd be terrified of it all."

It's no surprise that Prince William would choose to bring Webb, who was originally hired by Princess Diana, back into his life. She attended his 21st birthday and was a guest at his 2011 wedding to Kate Middleton. Webb, who is 71, was reportedly apprehensive about working again because of her age, but her former charge seems to have convinced her that she is the best woman for the job. 

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