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Kate Middleton’s luxury birthing suite

Kate Middleton, who has reportedly gone into labor, will be delivering her son or daughter in the same maternity center where Princes William and Harry were born. The Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in central London is where many royals and other British elites choose to have their children. 

According to the BBC, maternity suites in the Lindo Wing offer the same amenities as luxury hotels, including concierge service and a personal chef. Georgie McGrath, a British woman who has given birth twice there, told E! News that the "Lindo Wing is like a five-star hotel effectively."

"The food is delivered to you," McGrath continued. "You have a proper menu, so all—in fact you could probably ask for whatever you want and it'll be delivered for you. You have a wine menu, there's champagne, Diet Coke, coffee, tea—you name it. You could go in and say, 'Could I possibly have a Lobster Thermidor?' or whatever and it will arrive."

In addition to meals and room service, each room in the Lindo Wing is equipped with satellite television, internet access, a safe and a refrigerator. Expectant mothers can also have a choice of daily domestic and international newspaper delivery. 

Most importantly, a team of experienced doctors and nurses will be on-call and monitoring Kate and her baby around the clock. According to the BBC, St. Mary's specializes in dealing with complex pregnancies and deliveries.

After the baby is born, the Lindo Wing offers new parents the opportunity to have a special date night. McGrath told E! News that the hospital's nurses will look after the newborn while the parents have a special meal provided by one of Lindo's private chefs. 

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