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Keeping the bedroom tidy may help you sleep better

If you're having trouble getting good sleep at night, a cluttered, dirty bedroom could be the culprit. The setup of the room itself may have more of an impact on your sleeping state than you realize, and that can be something you share with a housekeeper as he or she starts working. With just a little extra effort, you could find yourself sleeping more soundly in a better-kept room.

One of the first places to look when reassessing the bedroom are the windows. How much light are the blinds letting in? You may need heavier drapes to keep the room feeling secluded. Even a little light from outside can disrupt your sleep schedule if you aren't careful. Whatever coverings you use, they will have to be cared for, and more ornate hangings could require in-depth cleaning methods you aren't used to.

Another thing to focus on is the mattress itself. Have you vacuumed it lately, or turned it over? Doing so can be good for the bed's overall wear and tear. While you may already be washing the sheets on a regular basis, are you using the right detergent? You don't want anything too severe that might come with a distracting or unpleasant smell.

Finally, there's the overall care of the room to consider. Walls and furniture should be dusted, and carpets require a deep clean to keep contaminants out, which means both vacuuming and using cleaning agents. As with the bedding, it might be best to find chemicals that aren't going to hurt the material or leave a stench behind.

Hire domestic housekeepers to help keep your home in a better state and improve your own sense of well-being from day to day.

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