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Lessons from the chefs of royalty

Forbes recently interviewed chef Carolyn Robb, who has several years of experience as chef to the United Kingdom's Royal Family. Although she's obviously working for some very prominent clients, you don't have to be royalty to see some of the benefits working with a personal chef brings.

One of the most interesting tidbits to come out of the conversation is Robb's affection for her employers. More than just loving her job, she said the position has taught her much, specifically identifying Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth as professional role models, not just as people she works for.

"Prince Charles is one of the most incredible mentors anyone could have!" Robb told the source. "His passion for organics was hugely inspiring and I learnt so much from him. I will always appreciate the in-depth understanding and knowledge that HRH passed on to me. It has had a huge influence on the way that I cook and work."

In an article for the National Post, Chef John Higgins, who used to prepare food for the Queen, also talked about his experience. He mentioned some of the Queen's favorite foods, including mangoes, and noted that no one in Buckingham Palace should cook with garlic due to the Royal Family's preferences. He also added that proper preparation of food was a must: not just for the Queen herself, but also her famous corgi dogs, who only took well-prepared meat.

For someone living on a much smaller budget than a Queen, it's still possible to have great food that matches your preferences. Hire a personal chef for help with customized meals and you might also develop a great working relationship, with an employee that knows all of your likes and dislikes.

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