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Long-time British housekeeper opens up about her work

Ann Barnes, the head housekeeper at Claridge's, a 5-star hotel located in central London, rarely sees something that she can't improve. During her interview with the Financial Times, she had to stop answering questions several times in order to plump a cushion, move a dining chair and correct the slats on the venetian blinds that were in the room. In explaining her behavior, Barnes told the reporter that she hated a mess. 

Barnes, 56, has been working in domestic service since she was in her early twenties. She told the source that she had originally wanted be a chef, but didn't like the stress that comes with working in a professional kitchen. She took a course in housekeeping and found her first job as a chambermaid at The Savoy. After working for several affluent employers and and a variety of luxury hotels, she joined Claridge's six years ago as the head housekeeper. 

Not surprisingly, Barnes is extremely organized. She told the publication that her work begins the moment she gets up in the morning. 

"When I leave home in the morning, my bed is made, my cushions are plumped up at home in the sitting room, the kitchen's tidy," she said to the source. "I am a tidy person. I clean my house once a week when I'm at home."

Barnes joked in the article that due to the nature of her job, she sometimes has a hard time being a hotel guest. The first thing that she does after checking in is inspect under the bed. 

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