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‘Mannies’ getting more exposure

You may not have heard the term "manny" — a male nanny — much, but their numbers are growing and they are getting more exposure in the media. A post on the New York City-focused blog DNAinfo recently profiled John Brandon, an opera singer-turned-manny who works for a family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 

Brandon told the blog that he fell into domestic work unexpectedly, while working at a restaurant. A regular patron with whom he had developed a friendship asked Brandon if he could babysit his children one weekend. The next week he was hired as the children's live-in nanny. He lived with the family for one year before moving to New York City to pursue a career in opera. Brandon continued to watch children to supplement his income, but now does this work full-time. 

In the interview, Brandon said that he thought that both male and female caregivers can do great work with children. 

"We're not advocating guys over girls — we're filling a specific need," Brandon told the source. "We're basically providing a big brother service with guys who are athletic, high energy and can keep up with young kids and plan activities."

The manny will soon be on your television screen, as the creators of "Modern Family" have now announced that a male-nanny character will be added to the cast. According to TV Guide, in the upcoming season Gloria (Sofia Vergara) will hire a manny (Adam DeVine) to look after baby Joe.

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