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Many families seek ‘older’ nannies for experience

When it comes to placing the care of their child in the hands of a stranger, many parents seek out an older, more experienced nanny. This trend provides ample opportunities for baby boomers uninterested in retirement to continue working in a highly rewarding profession.

Some attribute the trend to a "return" to traditional family values, with parents seeking to fill the role a grandparent plays in the lives of their children, when their biological grandparents aren't around to do so. Rachael Bough, manager of a nanny agency in New Zealand, told The New Zealand Herald that many parents see this as a natural way to incorporate a nanny into their family dynamic.

"We certainly are seeing a rise. They're not ready to stop working but they have experience with bringing up their own families and babysitting, and they enjoy it," Jo Collins, recruitment specialist at The Nanny Company in Christchurch, New Zealand, also told the source. "They often don't have families at home or husbands they have to get back for, so they can do Saturdays or for people who do shift work."

This report also highlights that this is an international trend, not just a local one.

As families seek a nanny, young or old, it is important to also weigh the individual's experience, personality and traits and how they will affect his or her performance on the job. In order to find the best nanny for your child, contact Colonial Domestic Agency. We will help you hire a private nanny with the right skills for your home, pairing you with someone who not only is an experienced nanny, but also has the right personality for your family.

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