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Marc Jacobs’ personal chef shares nutrition secrets

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a hectic time when you're a world-renowned designer. From last-minute fittings to ensuring your shows go off without a hitch, how do celebrities like Marc Jacobs find the time to eat, you ask? Recently, Jacobs' personal chef, Lauren Gerrie, detailed the iconic designer's eating habits on

Although Jacobs normally adheres to a strict diet, he bends the rules during NYFW because he simply doesn't have time to consume a ton of fruits and vegetables. In fact, Gerrie even tells the fashion publication that his Fashion Week meals consist of "junk food." Jacob works around the clock with his design team during fashion week, prompting the group to order late-night takeout, ranging from Chinese food to burgers.

When Fashion Week is over, Jacobs goes back to his strict diet freshly prepared by Gerrie. He tends to stick to a gluten-free diet with lots of vegetables. Ten years ago he suffered from an extreme case of Colitis, prompting him to go gluten-free. However, just because Gerrie is there to prepare his healthy meals, doesn't mean she acts like his mother. 

"I let him do what he wants," she told the publication. "I'm a private chef and I'm there to make sure he's as comfy and as healthy as he wants [to be], but I think everybody deserves to have junk food and indulge. If he's going to order Chinese food, he's just going to, [no matter what I say]. Life is way too f—ing short to not enjoy food!"

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