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Minnesota family cheers on their nanny

Although there are a still a few rounds left of NBC's hit reality singing competition The Voice, one thankful Minnesota family has already crowned the winner: their former nanny Kat Perkins. If you've been keeping up with our blog, you know we've been following the progress of Perkins as she fights to win the singing competition. Recently, the Keller's, a Midwestern family with five kids between the ages of 7 and 19, expressed their admiration for the singer during an interview with Minneapolis news outlet KARE 11.

"She's like a daughter to us, she's such a part of our family. We're out of our minds excited," Stephanie Keller, mother of the children Perkins used to nanny for, told the source. "Our nanny from North Dakota, oh my God, I'm so proud of her I could cry."

Keller genuinely hopes that Perkins establishes herself as a fulltime singer, although she admits that she'll definitely miss her as a nanny. In fact, they were the ones who first encouraged her to try out for the singing competition once they realized how talented she was. As we've mentioned before, Perkins entertains the Keller children by performing with them in a band they've formed.

The Keller's are rooting for Perkins each night of the competition, but say that she still has a job in their home if she ever returns to Minnesota.

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