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More senior citizens are in need of California live-in nurses

It’s common knowledge that the largest demographic group in the United States, the Baby Boomers, have been slowly marching toward retirement over the past few years. As this gigantic sector of the population ages, more and more senior citizens have reported a need for a live-in nurse in California.

A recent press release from the California State Independent Living Council announced that as the state’s number of residents over the age of 65 reached an all-time high, 11.4 percent, the demand for in-home caregivers has increased dramatically.

“Of the older adults we serve, 30 to 40 percent use a personal assistantservice. I do believe the demand for personal care attendants will increase,” said Socorro Arroyo-Merchain, the Program Manager for the Dayle McIntosh Center, a senior living resource.

And the elderly population will only continue to expand. The release cited the U.S. Department of Labor’s projection that caregiver services would be the fastest-growing profession in the country over the next decade.

By employing a caregiver, seniors can enjoy continued independence and companionship, two important aspects to quality of life in old age. Caregivers can assist their clients with anything from paying bills and running errands to providing them with medical care.

However, as Arroyo-Merchain said in the press release,  “An ideal personal care attendant would go through an extensive training and be able to provide transportation, if needed. The individual would be patient, speak clearly and have at least two to three recent references for verifying experience.”

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