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More tips to get your dream job in 2014

Happy New Year! If your 2014 resolution is to follow through with your career aspirations, take a look at some of these additional helpful tips to adhere to: 

Budget your time

When searching for a job, time management is crucial. Set aside time throughout your day, week and month to complete tasks related to your search, including networking, emailing and looking for jobs on the web.

"A day without an interview is not a day off from your job hunt," Arnie Fetig writes on "Use downtime to research new companies, interact with people on LinkedIn or other social media or read an article that relates to your skills and experience to keep you at the top of your game."

Don't get discouraged

If you've been searching for a job, it is easy to get discouraged. However, it's best to channel any negative energy into something positive by keeping at it. Adhere to your goals and remember that change doesn't happen overnight — sometimes you need to take baby steps.

Reconnect with old contacts

The start of the New Year is a great time to reconnect with former coworkers, employees and mentors. Send a handwritten note or email to wish them a Happy New Year and talk to them about your job search, asking if they have any advice for you. 

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