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Moving from nanny to household manager

As children grow up and spend more time in school and at extracurricular activities, the need for a full-time or live-in nanny diminishes. Some employers who want to keep working with their nannies may change the responsibilities of their job into a house manager position. While some nannies may be completely open to the change, others may prefer to stay in a child care role, and leave their employer. If you're unsure how or if you should make the move, consider the following:

Who/what do you love?

Are you a nanny for a particular employer because you really like the family? Or do you just enjoy child care in general? If you are committed to the family, you may not mind working for them in a different capacity. But if your true love is child care, a house manager position may not be the best fit for you.

What are your skills?

When the children are at home, a house manager may engage in typical nanny duties, but while they are away or at school — the majority of the time — job responsibilities will be quite different. During the day house managers may run errands, shop for the family and engage in other household tasks. Someone in this role must be extremely organized, know how to budget and have excellent time management skills.

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