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Nannies and the back-to-school transition

It may feel as if summer has just begun, but if you're a nanny to school-aged children, it's time to begin to think about their transition back into the classroom and how your responsibilities may change. Don't let summer go by without considering the following:

Morning routine

If your employer's child has never been to school before, you should begin to develop a morning routine to prepare him or her for the day. In the weeks leading up to first day of school, you should rehearse waking up at a specific time, getting dressed and eating breakfast. Preparing and packing a lunch may be your responsibility, so be sure to check with the school if there are any restricted food items. 

Evolution of responsibilities

Because you will no longer be at home with children all day, your employer may change his or her expectations for your position. You may be asked to work less, or your position may evolve to that of a house manager in which you are in charge of the children's schedule. It may be necessary to drive more and plan and prepare after-school meals.

Academic preparation 

If the children in your care are already in school, late summer is the time to get their minds back in gear. Research fun ways to reinforce academic concepts to prevent "summer brain drain."

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